About HTG


It’s okay to expect more from your gym wear. We see you. We hear you. We get it. Which is why we’ve launched an activewear fashion line exclusively for the dynamic needs of disciplined women like you.


Why be average when you can be a gym day savage? Elevate your gym day experiences in workout clothes that help you feel your fiercest and most confident self while you pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Our workout attire for women has the fortitude to see you through even the most challenging training sessions, from warmup to a strong finish.


Shop selective styles tailored for fashion-forward women who seek big gains and big results. Build your workout wardrobe with beautiful basics that go beyond what you could ever imagine. Our guiding principles have compelled us to design ladies fitness clothing that makes NO compromises in terms of all-day comfort. Whether hitting the gym, kicking back or running errands, our athletic wear will be there every step of the way. Wear it with pride. Wear it with confidence. Wear it like a champion.




We here at HTG are on a mission to help women reveal and empower the hidden dedication within. Passionate about seamlessly combining reliable comfort with current style trends, maintaining high standards is our strongest suit, our forte, our claim to fame. We stop at nothing to create women’s fitness clothing that’s comfortable, fashionable and always impeccably on trend. Crafted from extra durable moisture-wicking fast dry fabrics, our workout fashions unapologetically live up to the hype. No sweaty embarrassment or sheer coverage to worry about. Stay cool, comfy, modest and sweat-free as you focus on perfecting your form. No excuses. Don’t stop now. Hit The Gym and get the job done.



Willpower knows no hurdles. Which is why we have every intention to be the leading supplier of women’s gym clothing. We strive to be a brand that women can trust and rely on for all of their active wear needs. When it comes to purchasing cute and comfortable women's workout apparel online or in store locally, there’s only one choice that rises to the occasion. We hope to spot HTG apparel and our signature activewear sets at gyms, studios and bootcamps nationwide and around the world. Do it for the gains. Do it for the boost of confidence. Do it for the satisfaction of knowing you’re further along in your fitness journey today than ever dreamed of being yesterday.